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to increase performance of your enterprise



Regarding the increase of global competition, especially for enterprises placed
in established industrial countries, with high level of costs, it becomes important
to maintain their success by improving performance.


The performance represents the characteristic of an enterprise organization
to realize intentions and planed projects/budgets with best success.



Intention can be the opening of new markets, improvement of product quality,
management of usual business, alternations in fortune/equity structure
or the closing of an old/unprofitable company unit.


Performance results on the mix of hard and soft facts.

It can be measured by branch specific key figures like turnover, profit
and degree of efficiency. The key figures should be monitored in the
framework of an development program.


This construction (basic model) is focused on success for “Point of Sales”.

It will be determined by the methodology for planning & strategy
(Value- & Quality Engineering), by an optimized “Management System”

with transparency of planed and current figures, by the capability of installed

processes and the conscious behavior of all members.


The preconditions to aim good performance can be analyzed by an
audit program adjusted for the special demands.


Recognized strengths and gaps in the result of the audit and calculated risks
and priorities will be the basic for development program with fixed aims.


The Promis Access Consulting- & Partner-Network will give you competent
and consequent support on this way.


The program serves also as an conclusion and preparation for all necessary
audits, assessments and certifications, mostly organized by separate functions
like quality & environmental management, security & safeguarding demands,
working groups for value management, internal audits, financial institutions

(Rating / „Basel II“).


We like to inform you about details.


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